Young Adults

The young adult ministry focuses on our young adults who have completed high school and are starting life on their own. This includes college age adults, graduates, and professionals who are starting their career. There is no age limit, relationship status, or other grouping needed to distinguish our young adults. This ministry provides the feeding and caring for these individuals with a goal to reach our young people before the rush of the world fills their plate. The mission statement carries the same theme as the Laurel church.

We reach our young adults by seeking out the local colleges, young military, coworkers and friends. Our young adults are the best networked people in the church. It is our vision to tap into that network and focus it on Christ. We are building them up through challenging Bible classes on Sunday and Wednesday, the young adult life groups, monthly fellowships, and quarterly events such as the Young Adult Retreat and Fish Fry. With the energy and passion that our young people have, we are working to channel that toward Christ. As we equip them, we release them through mission trips, service projects, and local outreaches, preparing them to go where God leads. The nature of our young adults is that they will more than likely relocate in the near future, so for the short time we are blessed to have them, we are helping them build a foundation from Christ alone.